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Well you found it, Welcome to Jordyn's Junk Drawer, Here you will find the thinking expressed from the minds of the young. CAUTION: views expressed does not reflect the views as the whole of  those of the King St. Church of Christ in it's entirety.

-Virtuous Woman-

Dear Virtuous Woman,

Thank you

For the fruit you bare

For the fruit you share

Thank you

You start the day

We hold hands to pray

You make everyday a holiday

You are an ally

The nation belongs to the woman


The one that sees the enemy

You hear the battle cry

You are strong

Put up a fight

See what is right

You are his knight

You are a faithful bride

She does not hide

She does him good the days of her life

She is the bride of Christ

You worketh willingly with your hands

You are the rock that helps us stand

You make a band

You are beautiful

You raise the juvenile

You aren’t removable

You make fine linen

This world is driven

By the gifts you’ve given

You are a nurturer

You are a worshiper

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”

You are priced far above rubies

Attending her duties

In a world full of cruelty

Thank you

For the fruit you bare

For the fruit you share

Thank you.

P.s To a godly woman, thank you. You are the world's greatest role model. You go through pain and you’re willing to protect those around you. Without you, this world wouldn’t be populated. You are determined to walk in the footsteps of the Lord. Happy Mothers Day (Proverbs 31)!

Check back back to follow what comes next. Thanks​ JORDYN for Your entry. can't wait for your next submission. 👧🏾