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There they were sitting in the back of the building, Brother Seewhat and Sister Seewho. As the congregation closed services with a firm amen to the beautiful benediction offered, they were now remaining seated to seewhat was going to happen and to seewho would come running to greet them. All of the previous events and doings in this service meant nothing; however this is what mattered to them in their Church-goings;

How the people responded to them. If they were to return they would have to be sought out by the important people of the congregation and who would invite them out for a bite to eat or some other "fellowship"

We've all heard or made the statement at one point or another," I started to say" or

"that's why i didn't say anything" Even "there's not enough love" these statements coupled with a lack of commitment to anything that the Lord taught results in Spiritless activities and "busy" work.

Fellowship is participation, contribution and distribution.

John 6:5-13 shows us this concept; the

lad contributed, at the Lord's orders the disciples distributed thus all participated

Fellowship is with the Father first and foremost: 

I John 1:7

Fellowship is with Light not with darkness.

I Cor.6:14 Eph.5:10

Fellowship is based on like faith, not compromise.

I Cor. 1:9,10

Fellowship is in Christ..Eph.2:18-22

So we can see there's more to fellowship than scorning and pizza.But its a Holy coming together into the work and Love of the Lord giving Him the Glory and Praise!

Amen!... More to follow.