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Well you found it, Welcome to Angie's corner. Here you will find the thinking expressed from the minds of the young. CAUTION: views expressed does not reflect the views as the whole of  those of the King St. Church of Christ in it's entirety.

​A Young Perspective in the Church​​

A young perspective in the church is often a​n unheard and misunderstood one. You may ask yourself how can something be unheard and misunderstood simultaneously, my answer to that would be because of perspective. I don’t know about other young kids my age but there are moments where there is a certain intimidation or confusion when sitting in the pews, listening to the sermons. It’s funny because there is an unspoken understanding of mutual confusion with

fellow youngsters from my generation. For example, when someone tells a joke about or refers to something that took place before any of us young people were even born. At times I turn and share a look of mutual confusion with my sister and then I look to my mom and she bursts out into laughter. Two completely different reactions, one certain and one uncertain. I believe that difference is what separates the young folk from the seasoned folk.I suppose one would say that there is a language barrier of sorts. I believe I am the oldest when it comes to the kids within the church so I have the ability to understand and absorb more

information. As a young person I value various types of knowledge. The church is an ideal place to actually learn from. There’s not a time where I haven’t left after service and contemplated upon my own life and wonder how I can be a better person. My favorite thing to do is listen to the stories within the bible and wonder how I can apply the morals and lessons within those stories onto my existence. When you apply it to yourself you lose that certain hubris you had before you entered the church, which is good. It’s somewhat of an inner monologue and

dissection upon your own character.

Finding your voice within the church is probably one of the most intimidating and

scariest things as a young person. You become so accustomed to just watching and being somewhat overlooked, but when you're called upon a small panic ​manifest. For me it’s somewhat of an adrenaline rush, at times I catch myself being eager to answer the questions you ask to the congregation. Yet I withhold my own voice, but Brother Judy always seems to catch my non

verbal responses. That provides a level of comfort and unspoken certainty that fills in the gaps of the previously stated uncertainty. This is one aspect and one entry of “ A Young Perspective in

the Church.”

By: Angel McGe👧🏾                                                                              4-7-21

Check back back to follow what comes next. Thanks Angel for the initial entry. can't wait for your next submission. 👧🏾